Battery Watch for Apple Watch アプリのレビュー

Has never given a notification

This app will display the amount of charge on your watch battery. However, it has never sent a low charge notification despite all of notification settings being correct.

Charge on OTHER devices?

This app names the device, but why can't we change to see the charge in other devices connected by WiFi? Until then, this app IS worthless.



Can't intall app

For a random reason i can't install the app!

Install issue

I used to love this app but I had to re setup my iCloud and it won't install

Love this app but...

I love this app but it does not install or update in iOS 9. Still not fixed. Useless.

I don't know why this is on there,

I don't know why this app is on here because it doesn't download to the I watch 2 very well I try and try again but this thing doesn't work so don't ask to be rate this because it deserves a zero doesn't work if you can try but you may waste your time just trying to get this thing to download ,,

Won't install under iOS 9.0.1

Not sure why I deleted it in the first place. Anywho, until there's an update that'll let you download under iOS 9.0.1 then this app is useless!

Wont install under iOS 9

I have tried on two devices and it comes up with a dialog box saying this app can not be installed at this time. I had issues with it after updating to OS 9 so I deleted it and then it would not reinstall. Same issue on iPhone and iPad. LOVED this on my apple watch under iOS 8. Reported to Apple and they said to contact the developer.


I love using this app with my Apple watch it's so handy to just glance at your wrist and see if your phone needs charging.

Not Accurate at all

Did not like at all - does not accurately display the status of the battery. Should continue to just monitor what your watch says!!!!

Best app

Khili aliye


This app is amazing because it shows my battery life even if my device is an IPOD. It also lets you know when it's on 40%,20%,10%💓


OMG so awesome!! Since I have an ipod it'll tell me what battery percentage I'm at so I won't freak out if I don't know my percentage😉great job!👍


Nice app


It's not bad

Great application


Battery Watch For Apple Watch

Awesome... best app I've ever used

Apple watch

It's a waste nothing to do with apple watch hopefully they will fix it

Notifications do NOT work

I've had it for few days. Not once has it sent my watch notifications about my iPhone battery :(

Big Waste of Time

Despite what it says, it does not tell you the status of your Apple Watch battery. It doesn't do anything more than the battery icon in the upper right corner of your phone.


I assumed it was for Apple Watch, not for iPhone - as there is a build in icon in there already.

Not what I thought...

I thought the app would notify me when the Apple Watch battery was low, not when my phone battery is low.

Good app needs work though

Not really user friendly but it works well. Hopefully they upgrade it soon


I love to see my phone's battery power on my watch!!!👍🏻

iPhone 😂

great app. all it does is show the battery percentage. but it's useful....i guess.

Love app

This app is very good for all Apple let's you know the important stuff 😆😆😆

See your phones battery, on your watch

Exactly what I was looking for. Judging by some one star reviews I don't think some understand the purpose of the app. You can see the status of your PHONE's battery on your watch. So if your phone is in the other room and your on the couch and wonder what your battery is, or if it's done charging, you can check on your watch.

Watch Battery

I too can find the battery life of my iPhone easy. I need to know the battery life of my iWatch! Not very useful. I don't carry my watch charger with me so how do I know when it's about to die?


Makes the investment of the watch seem less valuable when app and accessories don't work. Waste of time. Why make an app that shows my iPhone battery life?!


Takes too long to start on the watch! Very frustrating. Good idea.


So cool

Nice app

I got this app to keep track of my apple watch battery. It does tell you your battery percentage when your watch is put on the charger. It would be the perfect app if it had a battery icon for your apple watch too! When I am wearing my watch my main concern is the battery on my apple watch not my phone.


While my apple watch battery was draining its last ounce of life from its little battery, this useless app told me the watch had 88% battery life remaining. What a waste of an app


I got this app so I can manly see the battery on my watch, not my phone! Although it checks my apple watch, it is still a AMAZING app!! 📱⌚️


I like this app very much

It's good but....

The app is good but it keeps giving me a notification that says its at 14% (when it's not at 14%) and it's kinda annoying.

Good for iPod

If you have an iPod, you can't check your battery so now you CAN!!!! but on a iPhone all it does is give you one extra alert 40% so yah, love this app

Does app work ?

I see only iPhone battery % on both iPhone and watch !!

Not working

Not working properly on my iPhone/ Apple Watch.

Good for ipod5

Really good app for iPod 5's not for iPhones

Good for iPod 5

But no point on iPhones

Neat - But please fix bugs

Neat app for my watch. Pretty accurate as far as telling me the % left on my phone. Only complaint is I keep getting these "default" notifications on my wrist and I don't know how to turn them off or what there for. Please fix and I'll move up the stars!

Really good!

This app is really simple, is really easy to use... You don't even have to touch anything... I'm using it with my apple watch and is really good! Get it, if you have an Apple watch!

Great all for ipod 5

Tells me my battery pecentage!!! Great app

One incredible, yet simple app.

This really is just one simple app for the Apple Watch, yet it's very convenient. Having your iPhone's battery level is great on your watch, even in glances.

Love this

Its awesome get it

a Practical App!

I get Apple Watch ;)



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